Trans-age is an identity meaning someone's internal age is different from their chronological age, or physical age.

While internal age affects some things, brain development still applies, meaning chronological adults can not date chronological children. That was started by a 4chan smear campaign.

Trans-age individuals often experience age dysphoria. Age dysphoria is a discomfort with the age characteristics one displays. This is not the same as gender dysphoria, however some individuals who have both feel that their age dysphoria and gender dysphoria are related.

There are a lot of misconceptions spread about trans-age people. There are very few genuinely trans-age people trying to say trans-age people are LGBTQ+, the vast majority of people who say that are trolls. Trans-age identities have no relation to who someone is attracted to, whether that be in the form of gender-based attractions or age-based attractions.

Not all trans-age people are adults who identify as children. Some are adolescents who identify as younger children, adolescents who identify as adults, adults who identify as older adults, or adults who identify as younger adults. Trans-age children aren't the only trans-age people.

TW: Child Sexual Abuse

Trans-age have 0 desire to sexually abuse children. As a matter of fact, many of us are CSA survivors ourselves. "Clovergender" was a troll created by 4Chan to slander trans-age people and the LGBTQ+ community.

Trans-age and age regression are very similar concepts. A lot of age regressors consider themselves trans-age (although those numbers dwindled after 4Chan started slandering the label), and a lot of trans-age people consider themselves age regressors.